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Beautiful tank for large or medium size fresh and saltwater fish.
Great looking in wall with white pvc trim panels.
Georgous in wall that sticks out in the front.

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Small 9 gallon fish tank goes inside wall.

Mini 9 Gallon In Wall Aquarium

Square trim available for wall aquariums.
Trim goes on top of drywall for in wall aquariums.

In Wall Fish Tank with Trim

Access to tank is hidden under top trim piece. All the wires and accessories are out of view.

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Our wall fish tanks have been featured on TV shows
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      Online since 1999, is the original ’Wall Aquarium’ manufacturer and only site offering complete through wall packages. If you’re planning on buying a tank why not build one into your wall? Imagine a fish tank wall that you can see through between rooms. It’s totally unique, takes up no floor space and looks awesome.
       We are here to help you through the installation process. We’ve posted many articles in our blog from different wall aquarium configurations, trim options, electrical wiring and more. Our Facebook page: Wall Tanks has pictures of fish tanks built into walls, different trim ideas and user posts. Each fish tank sold here comes with instructions that cover all installation scenarios, accessories and initial set-up. We hope you have an interest in what we’re promoting and come back often.

Clearance Fish Tanks

Our wall aquariums are american made.

Discounted aquariums with some minor flaws.
Our wall aquariums are american made.

WallTanks Blog

Beautiful built in tank, looks amazing. This aquarium is made to go inside your wall. Follow us on facebook at WallTanks.
WallTanks on Facebook
Friday January 25, 2019

Have you checked out WallTanks on Facebook?  It’s a good place to look at other builds, get trim ideas and see what fish people recommend. We post regular wall aquarium pictures and...
Wall trim options
Thursday December 06, 2018

First figure out which wall you want to use? Is the aquarium going to be viewable on one or both sides? Will you access the aquarium from the front or back? With single-sided viewing and front access,...
In-Wall Aquarium configurations.
Wednesday August 01, 2018

There are a few different ways you can configure a built-in wall aquarium.  For clarity purposes I will refer to the 2 sides of the wall as side A and side B.  Let start with the best.  The...

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