Wall Mounted 20 gallon tank.

20 Gallon Wall Aquarium

Square trim for wall aquarium.
Trim goes on top of drywall.

Wall Aquarium with trim

Access to tank is hidden under
top trim piece. All the wires and
accessories are out of view.

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      Since 1999, Lantz Enterprises Inc. is the original ’Wall Aquarium’ manufacturer. First in North America with mounted tanks and the only company in the world promoting aquariums that are built inside a wall.
      If you are planning on buying a tank why not build one into your home? We offer all of the hardware and can walk you though the process. Imagine a tank that you can see right through between rooms. The fish swim by as you as you gaze through at family members. These aquariums are extremely unique and look fabulous. The ’Wow’ factor they give off is worth the initial installation work (which is easier than you think). You can follow instructions and learn how to build one into your wall.

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      Aquariums are fascinating windows into an underwater world. It's relaxing to watch the fish swim and interact with bubbles, food and each other. Putting a tank into a room is a great way to add a focal point and liven it up!
      If you are serious about a fish tank you might want to consider one built into your wall. A built-in aquarium, through the wall with both sides finished is the ultimate fish tank. Since these tanks are thinner than traditional aquariums, a 45 gallon wall tank looks much larger than a regular 45 gallon. For instance, our Jumbo wall aquarium is 5' long, 8" deep and 2' high. When it's in your wall with trim added it has a massive 6' x 3' footprint. That's huge! Your might think that a tank like this costs $10,000 but if you do the work you can have it to one-tenth of that.

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About us:

We are the only organization in the world promoting and providing aquariums made specifically to go inside walls. We manufacture wall aquariums, finishing trims and accessories. Our blog and instructions are here to educate and help you through the installation

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Electrical around aquariums

Disclaimer: Although I have a fair amount of experience with electrical work I am not an electrician. You may need a qualified electrician to do the electrical around your aquarium. Check your local by-laws. To prevent any shock hazard you

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Pros and Cons of wall aquariums

Wall aquariums are awesome but they also create some unique challenges. Here are the Pros and Cons for wall aquariums: Pros Aquariums look much much better inside a wall Wow factor You can look through the wall Take up no

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