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Jumbo Wall Aquarium

     The perfect aquarium for experienced or novice, the Jumbo Wall Aquarium radically changes the feel of a room. When installed in the middle of a wall, the Jumbo Wall Aquarium steals attention and keeps observers mesmerized. With a 5ft x 2ft wall cutout this tank can support a school of fresh or saltwater fish.
     Set it up to look right through or have a backdrop behind the tank. We'll show you how to hide your access point under a picture-frame style border. Read our Instructions for details. It's easier than you think.

Included with aquarium

  • Aquarium
    • Size: 60"l x 8"d x 24"h
    • Material: ½" cast acrylic
    • Capacity: 45 U.S. gal
    • Removable lids
Ideal for a school of small to large saltwater or freshwater fish.
Price: $874.99
plus $ 164 for shipping and handling

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Square wall trim

    • Complete set for 1 side of wall
    • Unfinished knotty pine
    • Stain or paint ready
    • 3 Concealed (Euro) hinges
$ 149.00
Trim goes on top the wall.
Trim goes on top the wall.
2 Aquarium filters

  • Filters set on opposite ends for circulation throughout the tank

  • Power filter
    aquarium filter
  • Sits on tank (inside wall)
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Salt or freshwater
  • Powerhead
    fish tank filter
  • Fully submersible
  • Flow-adjusting feature

  • $ 75.00
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