Xtreme Wall Mount

    You asked for it, you got it. A wall mount aquarium with girth. Inside the pine frame is our popular '4ft Wall Aquarium'. That's a 20 gallon tank! The extra volume makes it an ideal saltwater tank.
    The frame has a pine exterior and a heavy-duty fir plywood core for stability. It easily mounts onto any wall and is available in every Minwax stain on the market.

Included with aquarium

  • Aquarium
    • Size: 48"l x 6"d x 16"h
    • Material: ⅜" cast acrylic
    • Capacity: 20 U.S. gal
    • Removable lids
  • Frame
    • Size: 56"l x 7"d x 26"h
    • Material: ¾" knotty pine, ¾" plywood core
    • Face opens for maintenance
    • Mounts onto concrete, brick or stud walls
    • Additional finish options below
Ideal for small to medium saltwater or freshwater fish.
Price: $549.99
plus $ 99 for shipping and handling

20 gallon wall mount tank.

Saltwater and fresh ready.

Opens for maintenance.

Beautiful wood frame adds class.

Frame finish (comes standard in unstained knotty pine)
  • Multiple coats of Minwax stain and Varathane
  • Available in Whitewash or Puritan Pine

Puritan Pine

Pickled Oak - Whitewash
$ 60.00
22 additional Minwax oil-based stains are available for $10 more ($70 total). Follow this link and enter the stain name and # in the 'Comments field' below your shipping address. Note: Pine is lighter than Oak, Cherry etc... and doesn't stain as red or dark. Medium to light brown stains work best.

Aquarium background

  • 5 coats of paint on the back and sides
  • Available in Blue or Black

Aquarium backdrop

  • Double-sided freshwater scenery
  • Water resistant plastic
$ 15.00
$ 25.00

2 Aquarium filters

  • Set on opposite ends
  • Completely internal
  • 2 stage carbon pad
  • Adjusts up to 70 GPH
$ 35.00

Aquarium heater

  • Fully submersible
  • Temperature adjustment knob
  • Visible temperature setting
$ 25.00


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